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From Music Halls to the Seaside to Football, How the Victorians Invented Mass Entertainment

Lee Jackson

How Marketers Listen In to Exploit Your Feelings, Your Privacy, and Your Wallet

Joseph Turow

Landscapes and the Human Imagination

Anthony Aveni

A Global History of the First Psychedelic

Mike Jay

The Making of the World's Greatest City

Margarette Lincoln

The Story of the Rose

Peter E. Kukielski with Charles Phillips; Foreword by...

A Theology of Making

Makoto Fujimura; Foreword by N. T. Wright

The Story of a Family and a Lost Collection

Natalya Semenova; Translated by Arch Tait

The Story of Sergei Shchukin and His Lost Masterpieces

Natalya Semenova with André Delocque

How the Mediterranean Shaped the British Imagination

Robert Holland

A New History

Nick Groom

A Cultural History from Leonardo da Vinci to Susan Sontag

Peter Burke

A History of Race and Disease

Arleen Marcia Tuchman

The Emergence of Mountaineering in the Nineteenth Century

Caroline Schaumann

Patriotism, Disenchantment and the Stubborn Myth of the Great Gatsby

Greil Marcus

A New History of London

Panikos Panayi

Giambattista Vico; Translated and Edited by Jason Taylor...

Constellations and People

Anthony Aveni