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The Curious History of Private Collectors from Antiquity to the Present

Erin L. Thompson

The Decline and Rise of the Public School

David Turner

How Gay Culture Liberated the Modern World

Gregory Woods

Demolition and Clearance of the Postwar Landscape

Francesca Russello Ammon

László F. Földényi; Translated from the Hungarian by Tim...

Frank M. Turner; edited by Richard A. Lofthouse

The Victorian Fight Against Filth

Lee Jackson

Where Time Went and Why We Have So Little Left

Mark C. Taylor

Thresholds and Power in Western History

Daniel Jütte

How Information and Technology Made the Modern World

Jeremy Black

American Writers and the First World War

Hazel Hutchison

Nature and the Mediterranean World from Prehistory to the Present

James H. S. McGregor

Shipboard Life and Atlantic Crossings to the New World

Stephen R. Berry

Art, Music, and Design, 1930–1995

Thomas Crow

Peter Toohey

From Enlightenment to the Present

Michael H. Kater