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The Victorian Origins of American Girlhood

Jane Hunter

A Guide to Understanding and Treating Anorexia and Bulimia

Deborah M. Michel, Ph.D., and Susan G. Willard, L.C.S.W;...

Reforming Mathematics Education

Suzanne M. Wilson

Conscience, Community, and Common Education

Rosemary C. Salomone

Contexts and Concerns in Teacher Education

Edited by Sandra J. Savignon

Fables for a Postmodern Democracy

Alvin Kernan

When State Education Reform Works

David K. Cohen and Heather C. Hill

A Teacher`s Guide to Writing and Using Language Test Specifications

Fred Davidson and Brian K. Lynch

An Authentic Listening and Integrated-Skills Textbook: With Online Media

Maurice Cogan Hauck, with Kenneth MacDougall;...

James M. Banner and Harold C. Cannon

Tradition, Intellectual Property, and the Adages of Erasmus

Kathy Eden

A History of Jews and Yale, Second Edition

Dan A. Oren

Volume 2: Culture and Human Nature

Edmund Leach; Edited by Stephen Hugh-Jones and James...

Volume 1: Anthropology and Society

Edmund Leach; Edited by Stephen Hugh-Jones and James...

Utopianist Campus and College

Stefan Muthesius

Growing Up in U.S. and Japanese Middle Schools

Gerald K. LeTendre; Foreword by Thomas P. Rohlen

The Shaping of America`s Child Care Policy

Sonya Michel

Ellen Handler Spitz; Foreword by Robert Coles