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Violence and the Birth of the Modern English State

Matthew Lockwood

The Religious Life of a Founding Father

Thomas S. Kidd

Volume 42: March 1 through August 15, 1784

Benjamin Franklin; Edited by Ellen R. Cohn

Caroline, Augusta, Charlotte, and the Shaping of the Modern World

Edited by Joanna Marschner with David Bindman and Lisa L....

The Wonder of the Age

John Rhodehamel

The British Life of America's Founding Father

George Goodwin

Consuming the World

Yao-Fen You; With essays by Mimi Hellman and Hope Saska...

Catholic Anxiety and Jewish Protest in the Age of Revolutions

Kenneth Stow

Pursuing Happiness in the Age of Reason

Caroline Winterer

The Founders’ Case for an Activist Government

Steve Pincus

Hidden Histories of the British Atlantic World

Zara Anishanslin

The Private Lives and Politics of the American Revolutionaries

Lorri Glover

The Call to Liberty in the Atlantic World

Janet Polasky

Frank M. Turner; edited by Richard A. Lofthouse

The Navy and the Napoleonic Wars

James Davey