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New Edition

Wend von Kalnein; Translated by David Britt

Volume 2 2-2, Parts 1 & 2

Benjamin Henry Latrobe; Edited by Jeffrey A. Cohen and...

Art in the Eighteenth Century

Edited by Jane Martineau and Andrew Robison

James Boswell; Selected and introduced by John Wain

Ancient Britain and the Romantic Imagination

Sam Smiles

Volume 1: 1766-1767

James Boswell; Edited by Richard C. Cole; With...

Volume 11: Typological Writings

Jonathan Edwards; Edited by Wallace E. Anderson, , and...

Volume 10: Sermons and Discourses, 1720-1723

Jonathan Edwards; Edited by Wilson H. Kimnach

Painter, Essayist and Man of the Enlightenment

Alastair Smart

In the Wake of the Cook Voyages

Bernard Smith

Volume 29: March 1 through June 30, 1779

Benjamin Franklin; Edited by Barbara B. Oberg

Prisons and Punishment in Early America

Adam J. Hirsch

Susan Naquin and Evelyn S. Rawski