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Conversion and Commerce in the Dutch Empire, 1600-1800

Charles H. Parker

The Fall of the Soviet Union

Vladislav M. Zubok

America, Russia, and the Making of Post-Cold War Stalemate

M. E. Sarotte

God’s Armed Prophet

Bruce Gordon

Nixon, Kissinger, and the Threat of a United Europe

Klaus Larres

A History of the Environmental Future

Michael Rawson

Britain in the Enlightenment

Michael Hunter

Labor and the Nation at the Dawn of Empire, 1570-1630

Eleanor Hubbard

Medicine, Science, and Horticulture in Britain

Clare Hickman

The Making of a French Queen

John Hardman

Tadeusz Borowski; Translated from the Polish by Madeline G...

Mussolini's Last Lover

R. J. B. Bosworth

Filth, Noise, and Stench in England, 1600-1770

Emily Cockayne

An Eighteenth-Century Transformation

David Dickson

Napoleon and Pius VII

Ambrogio A. Caiani

The Last European Dictatorship
New Edition

Andrew Wilson

From Dictatorship to Populism

R.J.B. Bosworth

How Britain Saved the World's Greatest Scientist

Andrew Robinson