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Prime Minister, Socialist, Zionist

Pierre Birnbaum

Jews, Christians, and the Economy of Secrets, 1400–1800

Daniel Jütte; Translated by Jeremiah Riemer

Legal Terror in Nazi Germany

Nikolaus Wachsmann

The End of the Holocaust and Its Aftermath

Dan Stone

The Nazi Imagination from Persecution to Genocide

Alon Confino

Defending the Republic

Philip Nord

Napoleon in Power

Philip Dwyer

The World War I Notebooks of Corporal Louis Barthas, Barrelmaker, 1914-1918

Louis Barthas; Translated by Edward M. Strauss

How the World Came to Know About Itself

Andrew Pettegree

Dress at the Court of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette

Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell

Nature and the Mediterranean World from Prehistory to the Present

James H. S. McGregor

A History of the Popes
Fourth Edition

Eamon Duffy

Political Essays by István Bibó

István Bibó; Translated by Péter Pásztor; Edited and with...

The Depiction of Cast Shadows in Western Art
New Edition

E. H. Gombrich; With a preface by Neil MacGregor and an...

Collaboration and Survival in Nazi Germany

Jonathan Petropoulos

The Making of a Military Genius

Huw J. Davies