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Montesquieu, Rousseau, Tocqueville, and the Modern Prospect

Paul A. Rahe

How French Artists and Intellectuals Survived the Nazi Occupation

Frederic Spotts

Eighteenth-Century France and the New Epicureanism

Thomas M. Kavanagh

Rousseau, Hume, and the Limits of Human Understanding

Robert Zaretsky and John T. Scott

Turns to the Right?

Michael A. Johnson and Lawrence R. Schehr, Special Editors...

The Annenberg Collection

Edited by Susan Alyson Stein and Asher Ethan Miller; Texts...

Zeev Sternhell; Translated by David Maisel

French Towns, French Traders, and American Expansion

Jay Gitlin

Conversations and Debates

Edited and Translated by John Gerassi

Edited by Katharine Baetje; With an introduction by Pierre...

An Anthology

Edited by Lawrence Rainey, Christine Poggi, and Laura...

A Reader

Edited by Marva A. Barnett

Gail Stavitsky and Katherine Rothkopf; Essays by Ellen...

New Spaces for French and Francophone Cinema

James Austin, Special Editor

The Path to Power

Philip Dwyer

European Fashion, French Obsession

Margaret M. McGowan

Gertrude and Alice

Janet Malcolm