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Masculinity and the Middle-Class Home in Victorian England

John Tosh

Harvey C. Mansfield

More Tales from the Treetops

Margaret D. Lowman, Edward Burgess, and James Burgess;...

Stories and Strategies from Successful Women Scientists

Ellen Daniell

Reforming Masculinities in British Art 1750-1810

Martin Myrone

People, Streets and Images in Nineteenth-Century London

Lynda Nead

Rethinking Single-Sex Schooling

Rosemary C. Salomone

Art and Labour in Victorian Britain

Tim Barringer

The True Story of a Courtesan’s Scandalous Life in Ancient Greece

Debra Hamel

Women, Men, and the Holocaust

Nechama Tec

Male and Female Sopranos in the Story of Opera, 1600-1900

Richard Somerset-Ward

Agents and Witnesses of Germanization

Elizabeth Harvey

Case Notes from an American Psychoanalysis, 1912

Elizabeth Lunbeck and Bennett Simon

A Cultural History

Valerie Steele

Culture, Gender, and Foreign Relations, 1945–1949

Petra Goedde

The Victorian Origins of American Girlhood

Jane Hunter

Images of Women

Edited by Janis A. Tomlinson; With contributions by...

Second Edition

Eva Cantarella; Translated by Cormac Ó Cuilleanáin