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The Conspiracy Trial of Gracchus Babeuf and the Equals

Laura Mason

The Struggle for Power in Pakistan

Owen Bennett-Jones

The Story of Maria Yudina, Pianist in Stalin's Russia

Elizabeth Wilson

Soldier and Statesman in a Revolutionary World

Dr. Richard Middleton

Prophet of Transformation

Daniel C. Matt

Modernist Potter

Emmanuel Cooper

Engineer of Power

Marc Wortman

Kennedy, Nixon, and the Election of 1960

Irwin F. Gellman

A Life of Charles Lamb

Eric G. Wilson

Julian Corbett and the Battle for a National Strategy

Andrew Lambert

God’s Armed Prophet

Bruce Gordon

How a Federal Bureaucrat Created the Modern Global Economy (and Failed to Get the Credit)

James M. Boughton

A Life of Radical Amazement

Julian E. Zelizer

The Story of the Enslaved Jamaican Who Became Samuel Johnson’s Heir

Michael Bundock

A Family’s Search for Meaning in Post-Newtonian England

Joan L. Richards

Counselor to the Confederacy

James Traub

The Making of the Legend

Nicholas J. Higham

The Making of a French Queen

John Hardman

The Artist and His Shadows

Arthur Lubow