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Philosopher of Christianity

Kurt Flasch; Translated by Anne Schindel and Aaron Vanides...

A New Life of Philip II

Geoffrey Parker

From the Inside Out

Christopher Rothko

Building, Teaching, Writing

Francisco González de Canales and Nicholas Ray

Red Ambassador to the Court of St James's, 1932-1943

Ivan Maisky; edited by Gabriel Gorodetsky

The Search

Benjamin Taylor

Caterina Corner, Queen of Cyprus and Woman of the Renaissance

Holly S. Hurlburt

A Persian Life

Richard Stoneman

First Emperor of Rome

Adrian Goldsworthy

The Shock of the Modern

Francine Prose

Shadows on the Wall

William Vaughan

The Covert Punishment of a Cold War Heretic

David Caute

The Letters of Bernard Berenson and Kenneth Clark, 1925–1959

Edited and annotated by Robert Cumming

Author, Reader, Actor

Jonathan Rose

Waterloo and the Fortunes of Peace 1814–1852

Rory Muir

Prime Minister, Socialist, Zionist

Pierre Birnbaum

A Literary Life

K. David Jackson