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Elijah of Vilna and the Making of Modern Judaism

Eliyahu Stern

Specters of Ethnicity in Roman Corinth and Paul's Corinthian Correspondence

Cavan W. Concannon

Chinese and Jewish Cultural Memory

Vera Schwarcz

A Portrait

Denys Turner

A Life

Hillel Halkin

Thought Reform and the Prison in China, 1901-1956

Jan Kiely

A Historical Revision, Fourth Edition

Henry Kamen

The Making of a Psychoanalyst

Adam Phillips

Restoring the Vital Center to American Democracy

Edited by Norton Garfinkle and Daniel Yankelovich

Cultural Memories of a Young Jesus

Stephen J. Davis

German Catholicism and National Socialism

Beth A. Griech-Polelle

Essential Dispatches, Reports, Confessions, and Other Essays on American Belief

Edited and Introduced by Jeff Sharlet

Catalonia and the Counter Reformation

Henry Kamen

The Nazi Imagination from Persecution to Genocide

Alon Confino

Robert Ingersoll and American Freethought

Susan Jacoby

Archaeology of the Land of the Bible, Volume III

Eric M. Meyers and Mark A. Chancey

Second Edition

Thomas More; Translated and Introduced by Clarence H....

The Prince, the Widow, and the Cure That Shocked Washington City

Nancy Lusignan Schultz