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Essential Dispatches, Reports, Confessions, and Other Essays on American Belief

Edited and Introduced by Jeff Sharlet

Shipboard Life and Atlantic Crossings to the New World

Stephen R. Berry

A History of the Popes
Fourth Edition

Eamon Duffy

Gandhi and Images of Nonviolence

Edited by Josef Helfenstein and Joseph N. Newland; With an...

Religious Authority and Political Power in Saudi Arabia

Nabil Mouline; Translated by Ethan S. Rundell

The Place of the Poor in the Biblical Tradition

Gary A. Anderson

A Spiritual Biography

Arvind Sharma

Being, Consciousness, Bliss

David Bentley Hart

The Cultural Politics of the Spanish Match

Glyn Redworth

The Divided Heart

David Wolpe

Testimonies of the Jewish Sonderkommando from Auschwitz

Gideon Greif

Elijah of Vilna and the Making of Modern Judaism

Eliyahu Stern

Specters of Ethnicity in Roman Corinth and Paul's Corinthian Correspondence

Cavan W. Concannon

Chinese and Jewish Cultural Memory

Vera Schwarcz