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Swami Vivekananda and the Making of Hindu Nationalism

Jyotirmaya Sharma

Thomas Carlyle; Edited by David R. Sorensen and Brent E....

A Spiritual Biography

Arvind Sharma

The Autobiography of Raphael Lemkin

Edited by Donna-Lee Frieze

Cranach, Luther, and the Making of the Reformation

Steven Ozment

England's Catholic Queen

John Edwards

The Occult in the Age of Enlightenment

Paul Monod

The Life and Afterlife of a Medieval Saint

André Vauchez; Translated by Michael F. Cusato

The Hero Who Didn't Want to Be One

Mark Kurlansky

The Poet of Shame and Guilt

Saul Friedländer

Two Family Stories from the Reformation and Modern America

Craig Harline

The Life of an Eighteenth-Century Protestant Capitalist

Matthew Kadane

Cult, Polis, and Change in the Graeco-Roman World

Guy MacLean Rogers

Violence and Liberation in Tibetan Buddhism

Jacob P. Dalton

The Rise of Evangelical Christianity in Early America

Catherine A. Brekus

The End of Days

Maria Hsia Chang

John Davenport, a Puritan in Three Worlds

Francis J. Bremer