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The Past and Future of Economics

Robert Skidelsky

Why Xi's China Is in Jeopardy

George Magnus

How to Adapt and Thrive in Uncertain Times

Mark Dodgson and David M. Gann

An Economic Agenda for a Divided Nation

Isabel Sawhill

The Unexplored Causes of the Financial Crisis and the Lessons Yet to be Learned

Tamim Bayoumi

War, Stagnation, and the Risks to the World's Most Dynamic Region

Michael R. Auslin; With a New Preface

How Radical Researchers Are Changing Our World

Andrew Leigh

Why We Follow Others... and When We Don't

Michelle Baddeley

The Emerging Threats to Western Prosperity

Stephen D. King

The End of Western Affluence

Stephen D. King

The End of Globalization, the Return of History

Stephen D. King

The Endgame for Fossil Fuels

Dieter Helm

The Truth About Startups in America

Scott A. Shane

Making Sense of Rare, Really Rare, and Impossibly Rare Events

László Méro; Translated by Márton Moldován; Translation...

Climate Change, the Long Emergency, and the Way Forward

David W. Orr

The 1803 Edition

Thomas Robert Malthus; Edited and with an Introduction by...

How Retailers Track Your Shopping, Strip Your Privacy, and Define Your Power

Joseph Turow