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Accelerating Minority Educational Advancement

L. Scott Miller

Restoring Social Equity

Neil Gilbert

Economic Models of Politics Reconsidered

Edited by Jeffrey Friedman

A Critique of Applications in Political Science

Donald Green and Ian Shapiro

Oakeshott, Strauss, and the Response to Postmodernism

Robert Devigne

The Politics and Power of the New American Majority, Revised and Updated Edition

Stanley B. Greenberg

From Yalta to the Bay of Pigs

Richard M. Bissell, Jr.; With contributions by Jonathan E...

Keith Thomson; Illustrated by Linda Price Thomson

The Economics of Child Support

Andrea H. Beller and John W. Graham; Foreword by Senator...

Volume 2, Expansion and Crisis

Anthony Reid

A Historical Perspective on Persistent Issues

Maris A. Vinovskis

Lawyers and the Welfare Rights Movement, 1960-1973

Martha F. Davis

Everyday Life and Consumer Taste in a Changing Society

Edited and witn an introduction by Joseph J. Tobin

Models, Applications, and Comparisons

Edited by Bruce Bueno de Mesquita and Frans N. Stokman

Myths and Realities

Frank J. Sorauf

Domestic and International Imperatives

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita and David Lalman

Aristotelian Themes in Economic Theory

James Bernard Murphy