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Science and Medicine in Early China and Greece

Geoffrey Lloyd and Nathan Sivin

The People and the City at the Height of the Empire; Second Edition

Jérôme Carcopino; Edited and annotated by Henry T. Roswell...

An Anthology of Stories, Instructions, Stelae, Autobiographies, and Poetry; Third Edition

Edited and with an introduction by William Kelley Simpson...

Waiting for the Angel: A Biography

Roderick Beaton

British Collections of Greece of Rome

Jonathan Scott

The Classical Mode

Harold Koda

Second Edition

Robert Louis Wilken

The Social World of the Apostle Paul, Second Edition

Wayne A. Meeks; With a new introduction by the author

Portrait of an Ancient Deity

Bernhard Lang

Second Edition

Eva Cantarella; Translated by Cormac Ó Cuilleanáin

Exploring Rome`s Egyptian Frontier

Robert B. Jackson

Ritual Magic and the Poet`s Art

Michael Putnam

Dualist Religions from Antiquity to the Cathar Heresy

Yuri Stoyanov

Aesthetics and Interpretation

Margaretha Rossholm Lagerlöf