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America in 1942

Tracy Campbell

A Life in Comics

Liel Leibovitz

The University in a Dogmatic Age

John Sexton; With a Foreword by Gordon Brown

"Mad" Anthony Wayne and the Battle for America

Mary Stockwell

How a Revolutionary People Have Survived in a Post-Soviet World

Helen Yaffe

How Latin America Is Maximizing (or Missing Out on) China's International Development Strategy

Carol Wise

A Human Life

Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg

The Elusive American

Adam Begley

A Study of the Changing American Character
Abridged and Revised Edition

David Riesman with Nathan Glazer and Reuel Denney; With an...

How Certain Schemes to Improve the Human Condition Have Failed

James C. Scott

Things, Thought, and Action in Chinese Medicine

Judith Farquhar

Empress, Queen, Warrior

Catherine Hanley

Life and Work

Emmanuel Cooper

An Edition of the Original Manuscript in Four Volumes. Volume 4: 1780-1784

James Boswell; Edited by Thomas F. Bonnell

A History of American Exceptionalism

Abram C. Van Engen

Americans in Debt

Teresa A. Sullivan, Elizabeth Warren, and Jay Lawrence...

A Tale of Mystery in Several Parts

Sylvia Sellers-Garcia

The Charismatic Leader

Derek Penslar

Fighting Words, Moving Pictures

Adina Hoffman

The Many Lives of Calamity Jane

Karen R. Jones