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Seditious Libel, "Offensive" Protest, and the Right to Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances

Ronald J. Krotoszynski, Jr.

Edited by Catharine A. MacKinnon and Reva B. Siegel

The Untold Story of America's Road to Empire through Indian Territory

Paul VanDevelder

Can the United States Compete in Global Telecommunications?

Rob Frieden

Environmental Protection That Will Work

David Schoenbrod, Richard B. Stewart, and Katrina M. Wyman...

Law, Code, and the Play of Everyday Practice

Julie E. Cohen

The Forgotten Freedom of Assembly

John D. Inazu

Roberto González Echevarría

The FBI, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Murder of Viola Liuzzo

Gary May

The Unknown Stories Behind Familiar Legal Expressions

James E. Clapp, Elizabeth G. Thornburg, Marc Galanter, and...

The New Laws of Online Worlds

Greg Lastowka

How the Domestic Violence Revolution Is Transforming Privacy

Jeannie Suk

America on Trial

Moshik Temkin

The Ironic Legacy of Desegregation

Stuart Buck

A Story of Information Age Politics

Reed Hundt

Principles of American Academic Freedom

Matthew W. Finkin and Robert C. Post

The Tule River Tribe's Struggle for Sovereignty in Three Centuries

Gelya Frank and Carole Goldberg

The Political Economy of Gender Inequality

Torben Iversen and Frances Rosenbluth

The Rising Power of the American Dead

Ray D. Madoff

Interest Groups and the Courts

Clayton P. Gillette