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Lior Jacob Strahilevitz

Immigrants and Citizens in Early Modern Spain and Spanish America

Tamar Herzog

W. Michael Reisman and James E. Baker

Freedom, Community, and the Legal Imagination

Jedediah Purdy

Preserving Public Values in a World of Privatized Foreign Affairs

Laura A. Dickinson

Invention, Controversy, and Rights in City-States and Democratic Courtrooms

Judith Resnik and Dennis E. Curtis

Jeremy Bentham; Edited by Stephen G. Engelmann

A New England Slave Boy and the American Revolution

Joyce Lee Malcolm

Creating Environments That Protect Human Health

John Wargo

America, Terrorism, and Moral Tradition

Mark Totten

Environmental Law and the Search for Objectivity

Douglas A. Kysar

How the Law Shapes the Places We Live

John Copeland Nagle

A Study of Leadership

Matthew N. Green

A Simple, Fair, and Competitive Tax Plan for the United States; With a New Introduction

Michael J. Graetz

From Self-Regulation to Co-Regulation

Cynthia Estlund

How Squatters, Pirates, and Protesters Improve the Law of Ownership

Eduardo M. Peñalver and Sonia K. Katyal

Enclosing the Commons of the Mind

James Boyle