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Redefining Beauty, Femininity, and Power

Neal Gabler

An American Musician

Allen Shawn

A Life in Four Acts

Robert M. Dowling

Pascal Quignard; Translated from the French by Matthew...

Bernard Williams

Reflecting on and through Performing Arts—One Introduction, Three Acts, and Two Intermezzos

Edited by Daniel Blanga-Gubbay and Lars Kwakkenbos; With...

Music, Metaphysics, and the Twilight of the Russian Empire

Rebecca Mitchell

Highlights of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

J. Kenneth Moore, Jayson Kerr Dobney, and E. Bradley...

Edited by Patrick Coleman; With essays by Simon Shaw-...

Stephen Banfield

Leonid Yakobson and Ballet as Resistance in Soviet Russia

Janice Ross; Foreword by Lynn Garafola

Collaboration and Survival in Nazi Germany

Jonathan Petropoulos