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Copyright, Trademark and Contracts in Film and Digital Media Production

Bill Seiter and Ellen Seiter

Like a Complete Unknown

David Yaffe

Shostakovich and His Fifteen Quartets

Wendy Lesser

The Importance of Howard Hawks and John Ford for Political Philosophy

Robert B. Pippin

Artistic Triumphs and Economic Challenges

Robert J. Flanagan

Richard Nash Gould

A Comedy in America

Jacob Gordin; Translated by Ruth Gay, with notes and...

Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, and the Idea of Musical Genius

Peter Kivy

A Musical Life

Raymond Holden

The Lady of Bayreuth

Oliver Hilmes; Translated by Stewart Spencer

Hitler's Émigrés and Exiles in Southern California

Dorothy Lamb Crawford

How the Third Reich Abused a Cultural Icon

Erik Levi

History of a Voice

John Potter

The Life of Sarah Bernhardt

Robert Gottlieb

A Life in Crisis

Stuart Feder


Marc Robinson

Making History through Liturgy and the Arts

Margot E. Fassler