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Essays and Lectures

Karen Horney; Edited by Bernard J. Paris

A Philosophical Interpretation of Freudian Psychoanalysis

Jonathan Lear; With a new Preface by the author

A Psychodynamic Interpretation

The Emergence of Psychology, from Erasmus Darwin to William James

Edward S. Reed

Race and Politics in the United States

Jon Hurwitz; Edited by Mark Peffley

The Education of American Mothers

Julia Grant

A Cultural History

Tamara Plakins Thornton

Normality and Pathology

Otto Kernberg

Why Americans Can`t Think Straight About Race

Benjamin DeMott

Peretz Lavie; Translated by Anthony Berris

Essays on Recognition and Sexual Difference

Jessica Benjamin

Michael X. Delli Carpini and Scott Keeter

A Guide for Teachers of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

Daniel Jacobs, Paul David, and Donald Meyer

Accelerating Minority Educational Advancement

L. Scott Miller

Commerce, Culture, and the Contact Hypothesis

H. D. Forbes

A Case of Female Masculinity

Robert J. Stoller; Foreword by Ethel Spector Person, M.D...