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Women, Touch and Power in Seventeenth-Century England

Laura Gowing

A Guide for Patients, Families, and Health Care Providers
Second Edition

Richard C. Frank, M.D.

Motivating Physical and Mental Health

Kennon M. Sheldon, Geoffrey Williams, and Thomas Joiner...

Richard Selzer

How a Misfolded Protein Baffled Scientists and Changed the Way We Look at the Brain

Jay Ingram

How Commerce Has Spread Disease

Mark Harrison

The Geopolitics of an Epidemic Disease

William C. Summers

Selected Essays

Theodore R. Marmor and Rudolf Klein

Shelly Kagan

A Practical Guide for Patients with Chronic Wounds

Madhuri Reddy, M.D., M.Sc., and Rebecca Cottrill, R.N., M....

Introduction and Book I: Containing All Sorts of Trees, That Bear Edible Fruits, and Are Husbanded by People

Georgius Everhardus Rumphius; Translated, annotated, and...

A Guide to African American Wellness

Michelle A. Gourdine, M.D.

Dissection and Its Histories

Helen MacDonald

Hormone Disruptors and the Legacy of DES

Nancy Langston

A Computer in Every Living Cell

Dennis Bray

and Other Medical Detective Stories

Jonathan A. Edlow, M.D.

The First 200 Years

Kerry L. Falvey; With essays by Thomas P. Duffy, MD,...