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From the Black Death to the Present

Frank M. Snowden; With a New Preface

Fighting Disease in the Nineteenth-Century Transatlantic Slave Trade

Manuel Barcia

Things, Thought, and Action in Chinese Medicine

Judith Farquhar

A History of Chinese Doctors in the American Medical Marketplace

Tamara Venit Shelton

A Century of Murder

Linda Stratmann

From the Black Death to the Present

Frank M. Snowden

Surviving Plague in an Early Modern City

John Henderson

A Global History of the First Psychedelic

Mike Jay

Class and Contagion in Eighteenth-Century Britain

Kevin Siena

The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World
Second Edition, New Expanded Edition

Iain McGilchrist

Venereal Disease in the Eighteenth-Century Imagination

Noelle Gallagher

Hooke, Halley, and the Birth of Science

John Gribbin and Mary Gribbin

A History of Silent Voices

Gerald Shea

Sickness, Gender, and Belief in Early Modern England

Olivia Weisser

The Tree That Has Nourished, Healed, and Inspired Through the Ages

Bill Vaughn

A Global History, 1900 to the Present

Christian W. McMillen

The Great Revolution in Science

David Knight

A People's History

Evelyn Lord

The Prince, the Widow, and the Cure That Shocked Washington City

Nancy Lusignan Schultz