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Catholic Anxiety and Jewish Protest in the Age of Revolutions

Kenneth Stow

Power and Politics in the Reign of Henry VIII, 1485-1534

Michael Everett

America's Spiritual Founding Father

Thomas S. Kidd

Spatial Dimensions of Anthropomorphism in the Biblical World

Mark S. Smith

The Essential Texts

Bryn Geffert and Theofanis G. Stavrou

The Stoics and Early Christians as Rival Traditions

C. Kavin Rowe

The City and the Visual Arts under Clement VIII

Clare Robertson

A New History

Kevin Madigan

Soldiering, War, and American Civil Religion

Jonathan H. Ebel

Invented Histories in Counter-Reformation Spain

Katrina B. Olds

Jews, Christians, and the Economy of Secrets, 1400–1800

Daniel Jütte; Translated by Jeremiah Riemer

A Study of the Bar Kokhba Documents

Michael Owen Wise

Prophecy, Necromancy, and Other Arts of Knowledge

Esther J. Hamori

Shipboard Life and Atlantic Crossings to the New World

Stephen R. Berry

Geoffrey Treasure