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What You Don't Know About Orange Juice

Alissa Hamilton

A Cultural History of Gem Stones and Jewellery

Marcia Pointon

Archaeology and Identity in the British Enlightenment

Jason M. Kelly

Human Cognition at the Nexus of Science and Religion

Barbara Herrnstein Smith

A Short History of Living Longer

David Boyd Haycock

A Portrait of Your Head

Raymond Tallis

Edited and with an Introduction by Oren Harman and Michael...

Why Does It Continue?

Edited by Harold W. Attridge

Architecture as Mathematical Practice in England 1500-1750

Anthony Gerbino and Stephen Johnston

Selling What All the World Desires

Shena Mason

The Golden Age of Fossils in America

Keith Thomson

Charles Darwin, Natural Science, and the Visual Arts

Edited by Diana Donald and Jane Munro

An Environmental History of Seattle

Matthew Klingle

Medicine, Magic and Mission at the End of Time

Charles Webster

Photography and the Invisible, 1840-1900

Edited by Corey Keller; With essays by Jennifer Tucker,...

Elizabethan London and the Scientific Revolution

Deborah E. Harkness

Commerce, Medicine, and Science in the Dutch Golden Age

Harold J. Cook