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What the Cold War Teaches Us about Great-Power Rivalry Today

Hal Brands

The Rise of Sanctions as a Tool of Modern War

Nicholas Mulder

Conversion and Commerce in the Dutch Empire, 1600-1800

Charles H. Parker

New York and the End of the Middle Passage

John Harris

The Families Who Challenged Slavery from the Nation's Founding to the Civil War

William G. Thomas III

Series Four: Journalism and Other Writings, Volume 1

Frederick Douglass; Edited by John R. McKivigan

The Great Revolt of Jews against Romans, 66–74 CE

Guy MacLean Rogers

The British Slave Trade and Its Abolition

David Richardson

Rural Rebellion, Political Violence, and Historical Memory in Chile

Thomas Miller Klubock

Kennedy, Nixon, and the Election of 1960

Irwin F. Gellman

A Life of Charles Lamb

Eric G. Wilson

Julian Corbett and the Battle for a National Strategy

Andrew Lambert

Inside a 21st-Century Conflict

Sumantra Bose

Power, Profits, and Productivity in Modern America

Samuel Evan Milner

A History of Reform, Reaction, and Money in American Medicine

Peter A. Swenson

A Narrative History

Thomas M. Truxes

Nixon, Kissinger, and the Threat of a United Europe

Klaus Larres

How a Federal Bureaucrat Created the Modern Global Economy (and Failed to Get the Credit)

James M. Boughton

America, Russia, and the Making of Post-Cold War Stalemate

M. E. Sarotte

God’s Armed Prophet

Bruce Gordon