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A History of What Could Have Been

Quentin Deluermoz and Pierre Singaravelou; Translation by...

Julian Corbett and the Battle for a National Strategy

Andrew Lambert

The Anglo-Arab Wars of 1870-1920

Neil Faulkner

A Natural and Unnatural History

Ruth Mostern; Maps and Infographics with the Assistance of...

Post-Neoliberal Utopias in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Japhy Wilson

Civilization and Madness in Late-Victorian Law

Catherine L. Evans

The Making of the Legend

Nicholas J. Higham

The Making of a French Queen

John Hardman

Patriotism, Disenchantment and the Stubborn Myth of the Great Gatsby

Greil Marcus

A Glossary of Globalization

Harold James

Tadeusz Borowski; Translated from the Polish by Madeline G...

How Editorial Practices Shaped Cosmopolitan Reading

Nora C. Benedict

The Women Who Made Imperial Rome

Guy de la Bédoyère

A History of Puritanism in England and America

Michael P. Winship

A Cultural History from Leonardo da Vinci to Susan Sontag

Peter Burke

A New History of Humankind

Jan Lucassen