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Forest Certification and the Emergence of Non-State Authority

Benjamin Cashore, Graeme Auld, and Deanna Newsom

A Biography

Adam LeBor

How a Global Corporation and Environmental Activists Transformed a Tarnished Brand

J. Gary Taylor and Patricia J. Scharlin

A Short History; Second Edition

David K. Wyatt

Economy and Commerce in a Changing China and the Changing World

Fangyuan Yuan

Understanding the Threat, Responding to the Challenge

Alan M. Dershowitz

3 Volume Set

Boutros Boutros-Ghali; Selected and edited by Charles Hill...

The Struggle for a Nation’s Soul, 1500–2000

Marcus Tanner

ETA, the GAL and Spanish Democracy, Second Edition

Paddy Woodworth

National Determinants of Collective Action

John Waterbury

Criminal Consciousness in Argentina`s Dirty War

Mark J. Osiel

A Thousand Years of Faith and Power

Jonathan Bloom and Sheila Blair

Edited by Mary Clabaugh Wright