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Sinai in Jewish Scripture and Tradition

Benjamin D. Sommer

Religious Liberty in Post-Revolutionary France

Thomas Kselman

The Great Jewish Migrations to the New World and the Peddlers Who Forged the Way

Hasia R. Diner

A Life in Films

Molly Haskell

On the Use and Abuse of Jewish History for Life

David N. Myers

Repairing the World

Hasia R. Diner

German Jews and the Great War

Tim Grady

American Prophet

Jeffrey Rosen

Redefining Beauty, Femininity, and Power

Neal Gabler

The Divided Heart

David Wolpe

The Making of an American Movie Studio

David Thomson

Sage of the Talmud

Barry W. Holtz

Soldier, Leader, Statesman

Itamar Rabinovich

Poet of Hebrew

Avner Holtzman

A Life in Films

Molly Haskell

The Search

Benjamin Taylor

The Shock of the Modern

Francine Prose

The Life, Death, and Legacy of a Jewish Writer in Twentieth-Century France

Susan Rubin Suleiman

A Human Life

Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg

Catholic Anxiety and Jewish Protest in the Age of Revolutions

Kenneth Stow