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Religious Tolerance and Salvation in the Iberian Atlantic World

Stuart B. Schwartz

Indian Raids and the U.S.-Mexican War

Brian DeLay

Latin/American Artists in the Modern Metropolis

Edited by Deborah Cullen; With essays by Antonio Saborit,...

Atlantic Encounters in the Age of Columbus

David Abulafia

Searching for a Mythic Cat

Richard Mahler

The World of the Censors in Early Mexico

Martin Austin Nesvig

A History of Civil Rights and the Law

Alexander Tsesis

Pekka Hämäläinen

Argentine Soldier, American Hero

John Lynch

The Brief Edition

David J. Weber

The Report of President Bill Clinton's Initiative on Race

Edited and with an Introduction by Steven F. Lawson;...

Essays on the New Transatlantic Slave Trade Database

Edited by David Eltis and David Richardson

The Odyssey of an American Place

Benjamin H. Johnson and Jeffrey Gusky; Foreword by Luis...

Commerce, Medicine, and Science in the Dutch Golden Age

Harold J. Cook

The Forgotten History of the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands

Samuel Truett

Spanish Colonialism in Africa and the Performance of Identity

Susan Martin-Márquez

The Architect of Urban Design, 1953-1969

Edited by Eric Mumford and Hashim Sarkis; With...