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Apocalyptic Writing from Blake to the Modern Age

Edward J. Ahearn

Becoming a Writer

Katherine Dalsimer

Writers and Their Books

Edited by Leah Price

Michael Levenson

Volume 1: 1898-1922, Revised Edition

Edited by Valerie Eliot and Hugh Haughton

Volume 2: 1923-1925

Edited by Valerie Eliot and Hugh Haughton

A Comedy in America

Jacob Gordin; Translated by Ruth Gay, with notes and...

The Dispelling of Inwardness from the Modern Myth of the Self

Marilynne Robinson

From Quotations to Culture

Gary Saul Morson

Literature, Statecraft, and World Order

Charles Hill

Geoffrey Hill, Anthony Hecht, and Robert Lowell Under the Sign of Eliot and Pound

Christopher Ricks

Hans-Georg Gadamer; Translated by Joel Weinsheimer

Christopher Rowland

A Critical Anthology

Edited by Robert Knopf and Julia Listengarten