Literary Studies

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A Novel

Patrick Modiano; Translated from the French by Mark...

The Power of the Reader's Mind over a Universe of Death

Harold Bloom

Patriotism, Disenchantment and the Stubborn Myth of the Great Gatsby

Greil Marcus

Notes for Noël Sturgeon, Marilyn Hacker, Josh Lukin, Mia Wolff, Bill Stribling, and Bob White

Samuel R. Delany

How Editorial Practices Shaped Cosmopolitan Reading

Nora C. Benedict

Tadeusz Borowski; Translated from the Polish by Madeline G...

Eileen Myles

The Beautiful Works and Damned Lives of John Keats and F. Scott Fitzgerald

Jonathan Bate

Platforms, Content Moderation, and the Hidden Decisions That Shape Social Media

Tarleton Gillespie

Photography and the Body in Nineteenth-Century France

Edited by Anne E. Linton and Raisa Rexer

A Literary History of Medieval Anatolia

Michael Pifer

In Search of Lost Time, Volume 4

Marcel Proust; Edited and Annotated by William C. Carter...

The Woman Behind All-of-a-Kind Family

June Cummins; With Alexandra Dunietz

Selected Poems

Maria Baranda; Translated from the Spanish; Edited by Paul...

A Novel

Sonallah Ibrahim; Translated from the Arabic by Hosam...

The Collected Works of Afa Ajura (1910-2004) and the Impact of Ajuraism on Northern Ghana

Alhaj Yusuf Salih Ajura; Translated by Zakyi Ibrahim

New and Selected Poems

Duo Duo; Translated from the Chinese and Edited by Lucas...

The Brilliance and Tragedy Behind Kipling’s Celebrated Tales for Little Children

John Batchelor