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Making Sense of Death

Andrew Stark

Biographical Writings: Soldiers, Scholars, and Friends

Samuel Johnson; Edited by O M Brack, Jr., and Robert...

Writers, Readers, and the Conversations between Them

Tim Parks

A Novel

Thanassis Valtinos; Translated from the Greek by Jane...

European Witness

Paul Binding

László F. Földényi; Translated from the Hungarian by Tim...

Multimedia Edition
Multimedia Edition

Eugene O'Neill; Edited by William Davies King;...

Henry David Thoreau; Edited by Geoff Wisner; Illustrated...

Cré na Cille

Máirtín Ó Cadhain; Translated from the Irish by Alan...

Tomás Zmeskal; Translated from the Czech by Alex Zucker...

Vladimir Nabokov’s Scientific Art

Edited by Stephen H. Blackwell and Kurt Johnson

Pascal Quignard; Translated from the French by Matthew...

Young Writers' Diaries of the Holocaust
Second Edition

Alexandra Zapruder

The Complete Text

Karl Kraus; Translated by Fred Bridgham and Edward Timms...

The Ghetto Reportage of Peretz Opoczynski and Josef Zelkowicz

Edited and with an introduction by Samuel D. Kassow;...

A Fully Annotated Edition

Henry D. Thoreau; Edited by Jeffrey S. Cramer

An Anthology of Devotional Poetry

Edited by Jay Hopler and Kimberly Johnson

Tip Marugg; Translated by Paul Vincent

In Search of Lost Time, Volume 2

Marcel Proust; Edited and Annotated by William C. Carter...