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How Relics Shaped the History of Medieval Europe

Charles Freeman

A Portrait of Costanza Piccolomini

Sarah McPhee

A Renaissance Masterpiece in the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Pierre Terjanian

Byzantine and Russian Icons from The Menil Collection

Edited by Annemarie Weyl Carr; With contributions by...

A History of the First Day from Babylonia to the Super Bowl

Craig Harline

Histories of the Supernatural in Reformation Europe

Craig Harline

Rome and Its Histories

R. J. B. Bosworth

Seeing Sex in Renaissance Europe

Diane Wolfthal

Making History through Liturgy and the Arts

Margot E. Fassler

Matthias Corvinus and the Fate of His Lost Library

Marcus Tanner

Spices and the Medieval Imagination

Paul Freedman

An Intermezzo

Hugh Thomas

The Earliest Christian Art

Jeffrey Spier; With contributions by Herbert L. Kessler,...

Ethics and Erotics in the "Divine Comedy"

Olivia Holmes