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Manipulated Photography before Photoshop

Mia Fineman

The Art History of a Color

Elena Phipps

The Rinpa Aesthetic in Japanese Art

John T. Carpenter

North Italian Paintings from the Accademia Carrara, Bergamo

Andrea Bayer and Maria Cristina Rodeschini

Central European Drawings, 1400-1700

Stijn Alsteens and Freyda Spira; With contributions by...

Age of Transition

Edited by Helen C. Evans with Brandie Ratliff

Master Cabinetmaker in New York

Peter M. Kenny and Michael K. Brown, Frances F. Bretter...

Legendary Leaders, Iconic Sculptures

Alisa LaGamma

in The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ian Wardropper

Matisse to O'Keeffe

Edited by Lisa Mintz Messinger; Essays and entries by...

Edited by Maryam D. Ekhtiar, Priscilla P. Soucek, Sheila R...

Master Painters of India, 1100-1900

John Guy and Jorrit Britschgi

The Costume Institute / The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Edited by Harold Koda; With an introduction by Sarah...

Silver Ornaments from the Marshall and Marilyn R. Wolf Collection

Layla S. Diba

Images of 18th-Century Europe

Katharine Baetjer and Marjorie Shelley

Savage Beauty

Andrew Bolton; With contributions by Susannah Frankel and...

Art of the Ancient Near East

Kim Benzel, Sarah Graff, Yelena Rakic, and Edith W. Watts...

Jan Gossart's Renaissance: The Complete Works

Edited by Maryan W. Ainsworth; Maryan W. Ainsworth, Stijn...

The Costume Institute / The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Preface by Harold Koda