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Peter Hill and Nigel Simeone

The Central European Tradition from Wagner to Karajan

Raymond Holden

Music, Records and Culture from Aristotle to Zappa, Second Edition

Evan Eisenberg

Revised and expanded edition

Chris Albertson

A Musical Gazetteer

Lewis and Susan Foreman

The Last of the Titans

Joachim Köhler; Translated by Stewart Spencer

Art and Music from Wagner to Cage

Simon Shaw-Miller

How an Old World Ballet Became a Christmas Tradition in the New World

Jennifer Fisher

Two Kings of Jazz

Joshua Berrett

Edited by Robert Blocker; Introduction by Tim Page

Charles Ives and the Uses of Musical Borrowing

J. Peter Burkholder

Poet of the Showtune

Stephen Citron

From Monteverdi to Henze

John Bokina

A Guide to More Than 100 Years of Opera Films, Videos, and DVDs

Ken Wlaschin

The Life and Work of Kay Swift

Vicki Ohl

Male and Female Sopranos in the Story of Opera, 1600-1900

Richard Somerset-Ward