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Course of Empire

Edited by Christopher Riopelle; With essays by Tom...

Volume 38

Series Editor Marika Spring

A Vision of Finland

Anne Robbins

Painting in Black and White

Lelia Packer and Jennifer Sliwka

Van Eyck and the Pre-Raphaelites

Alison Smith; With contributions by Susan Foister and Anna...

Degas from the Burrell Collection

Vivien Hamilton; With Julien Domercq and Harriet K....

Scenes from the Lives of the Virgin and Other Saints

Anna Koopstra

Matthias Wivel; With contributions by Paul Joannides,...

Edited by Christopher Riopelle; With an introduction by...

Volume 37

Edited by Ashok Roy

Revised and Expanded Edition

Erika Langmuir

Volume III: Ferrara and Bologna

Giorgia Mancini and Nicholas Penny

My Back to Nature

George Shaw; With an introduction by Colin Wiggins

Volume 36, Titian's Painting Technique from 1540

Edited by Ashok Roy; Jill Dunkerton and Marika Spring,...

Botticini's Palmieri Altarpiece

Jennifer Sliwka

The Portraits

Xavier Bray; With contributions by Manuela B. Mena Marqués...

Dillian Gordon; With contributions by Caroline M. Barron,...

Volume 35, Joshua Reynolds in the National Gallery and the Wallace Collection

Edited by Ashok Roy; Alexandra Gent, Rachel Morrison, and...