Performing Arts

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How the Antigone Legend Has Endured in Western Literature, Art, and Thought

George Steiner

An Essay in the Old Criticism, Second Edition

George Steiner

A Long and Lovely Suicide

Melissa Knox

Edited by Geoffrey Block and J. Peter Burkholder

A History of the Wagner Festival

Frederic Spotts

The Catholic Church and the Motion Picture Industry

Frank Walsh

A Handbook for Conductors and Instrumentalists

Arthur Weisberg

Paul Hindemith; Edited by Geoffrey Skelton; Translated by...

A Cultural History

John Dizikes

A Musical Tradition before 1800, New and Expanded edition

Fenner Douglass

Music, Raphael, and Saint Cecilia

Thomas Connolly

Everyone Else Is an Audience

Ronald Hayman

Joachim Burmeister

The Unity of Words, Music and Staging

Robert Donington

George C. Izenour; Foreword by Robert Venturi