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Mary Wollstonecraft; Edited by Eileen Hunt Botting; With...

Ernst Cassirer's Theory of Culture

Edited by Cyrus Hamlin and John Michael Krois

The World as Household

Sergei Bulgakov; Translated, edited, and with an...

Paul Tillich; With a New Introduction by Harvey Cox

Martin Heidegger; Revised and Expanded Translation by...

Dilthey's Hermeneutics of Life

Jos de Mul; Translated by Tony Burrett

Honorable Ambition and Its Critics

Robert Faulkner

Conversations between Václav Havel and Adam Michnik

Edited, Translated, and with an Introduction by Elzbieta...

People and Nature in the Modern World

Stephen R. Kellert

A Portrait

Denys Turner

Morality, Revolution, and Counterrevolution

Adam Michnik; Edited by Irena Grudzinska Gross; Translated...

From Being to Politics

Gregory Fried

Arthur C. Danto

Thomas More; Translated and Introduced by Clarence H....

Mystic in a Time of Revolution

Yehudah Mirsky

Scientific Narration and Civic Communication

Richard Harvey Brown