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Sumerian Poetry in Translation

Thorkild Jacobsen

History, Theory, Practice

Willis Barnstone

Giannina Braschi; Translated from the Spanish by Tess O`...

Edited and translated by Michelle Yeh

An Annotated Translation

James M. Saslow

A Biography

Barry Webb

A Likeness

and Marijane Osborn; With contributions by Fred C....

Fictive Pattern in Poetic Language

John Hollander

Thomas Bolt; Foreword by James Merrill

Edmund Spenser; Edited by William Oram, Einar Bjorvand,...

Robert Lamberton

Concept, Mode, Inner Design

James V. Mirollo

Volume 3, Part II, Latin Poems

St. Thomas More; Edited by Clarence H. Miller, Leicester...

Cathy Song; Foreword by Richard Hugo

Leslie Ullman; Foreword by Richard Hugo