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How Social Factors Affect the Conception of Work-Related Disorders

Allard E. Dembe

Beyond Pills and the Scalpel

Edited by Howard Spiro, Enid Peschel, Mary G. McCrea...

The Economics of Child Support

Andrea H. Beller and John W. Graham; Foreword by Senator...

A Community-Based Response to Urban Violence

Steven Marans; In collaboration with Jean Adnopoz, Miriam...

Adolescent Sexuality and Public Policy

Edited by Annette Lawson and Deborah L. Rhode

How Americans over 55 Are Contributing to Society

Edited by Scott A. Bass

A Twenty-Five Year Study of Three Navajo Populations

Stephen J. Kunitz and Jerrold E. Levy

Social Policy for Saving Lives

H. Laurence Ross; Foreword by Joseph R. Gusfield

Child Placement Issues

Albert J. Solnit, Barbara Nordhaus, and Ruth Lord

A Scientific Fiction

Diane E. Eyer

How Patients and Doctors Deal With Social Problems

Howard Waitzkin