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Encounters with Don Quixote

Manuel Durán and Fay R. Rogg

Britain, America and the World

Bernard Porter

Religion and Politics, 1490-1498

Translated and Edited by Anne Borelli and Maria Pastore...

Man Between God and the Devil

Heiko A. Oberman; translated by Eileen Walliser-...

A Rembrandt Pupil in Amsterdam and Venice

Jonathan Bikker

E.H. Gombrich; Translated by Caroline Mustill; Illustrated...

A History
Second Edition

Jonathan Riley-Smith

Jonathan Schneer

Traditional Religion in England, 1400–1580
Second Edition

Eamon Duffy

Books I-V of "Tutte l`opere d`architettura et prospetiva"

Sebastian Serlio; Translated by Vaughan Hart and Peter...

A Social History of Calvinism

Philip Benedict

Scholarship and Forgery in the Nineteenth Century, Volumes 1 & 2

Arthur Freeman and Janet Ing Freeman

The Intellectual Genesis

Anthony Levi

Revised and enlarged edition

Deborah Howard; With new photographs by Sarah Quill and...

Copying and the Italian Renaissance Print

Lisa Pon

Vincenzo Galilei; Translated, with introduction and notes...

C. Warren Hollister; Edited and completed by Amanda Clark...

Published and Unpublished

Edited by Lyle Massey