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From Collectivization to the Great Terror

Oleg Khlevniuk; Translated by Vadim Staklo; Foreword by...

Bolsheviks, Boyars, and the Persistence of Tradition

J. Arch Getty

Rethinking the Stalinist Past in the Soviet Union, 1953-70

Polly Jones

The Hidden Jews of Warsaw, 1940–1945

Gunnar S. Paulsson

The World Turned Upside Down

Rodric Braithwaite

The Hidden Cause of the Great Recession (And How to Avert the Next One)

Grigory Yavlinsky; Translated by Antonina W. Bouis

Letters from the Soviet Village, 1918-1932

By C. J. Storella and A. K. Sokolov; Documents translated...

Russia and the Communist Past

David Satter

The Economics of the Communist Party

Eugenia Belova and Valery Lazarev

Malevich and the Origin of Suprematism

Aleksandra Shatskikh; Translated by Marian Schwartz

The United States, the Soviet Union, and the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1969-1973

Craig Daigle

Soviet Film from the Revolution to the Second World War

Emma Widdis

From the October Revolution to the Fall of the Wall

Jonathan Haslam

Georgi Dimitrov; Introduced and Edited by Ivo Banac;...

Truth, Memory, Ideas, and Ideals in the Making of the Russian Revolution, 1987-1991

Leon Aron

Essays on Exile and Language

Norman Manea

Norman Manea; Translated by Patrick Camiller

Norman Manea; Translated by Linda Coverdale