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Imperial Bureaucracy in Austrian Galicia, 1772-1867

Iryna Vushko

The Covert Punishment of a Cold War Heretic

David Caute

Child Survivors of Stalin’s Terror and World War II in the Soviet Union

Cathy A. Frierson

Politics, Ideology, and Literature, 1929-1956

Myroslav Shkandrij

A Documentary History of the Political Police and Security Organs in the Soviet Union, 1922–1953

David R. Shearer and Vladimir Khaustov

Leonid Yakobson and Ballet as Resistance in Soviet Russia

Janice Ross; Foreword by Lynn Garafola

Domestic Life, Devastation and Survival, 1900-1950

Paul Ginsborg

What It Means for the West

Andrew Wilson

Plans and Realities on Soviet Farms, 1930-1963

Jenny Leigh Smith

From Collective Rule to Stalin's Dictatorship

Edited by Paul R. Gregory and Norman Naimark

An Introduction to Slavic Philology

Alexander M. Schenker

Dictating the Soviet Order

Sarah Davies and James Harris

A Journey Upriver from the Black Sea to the Black Forest

Nick Thorpe

A History of the People

Janet M. Hartley

Forced Labor and Its Legacy in Vorkuta

Alan Barenberg

The Russian Discovery of America

Orcutt Frost

Falconet's Monument to Peter the Great

Alexander M. Schenker