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Arthur Tsutsiev; Translated by Nora Seligman Favorov

Fridrikh I. Firsov, Harvey Klehr, and John Earl Haynes

Morality, Revolution, and Counterrevolution

Adam Michnik; Edited by Irena Grudzinska Gross; Translated...

Conversations between Václav Havel and Adam Michnik

Edited, Translated, and with an Introduction by Elzbieta...

A Memoir of Soviet Politics Under Stalin and Khrushchev

Dmitrii Shepilov; Edited by Stephen V. Bittner; Translated...

How Russia Fell In and Out of Love with Vladimir Putin

Ben Judah

An Alternate Translation

Witold Gombrowicz; Translated by Danuta Borchardt

Essays on Modern Polish Poetry and Prose

Jaroslaw Anders

The Ethics of Combatting Political Extremism

Alexander S. Kirshner

Russia Between Art and Politics

Nina L. Khrushcheva

A New Documentary History from the Soviet Archives

Richard Bidlack and Nikita Lomagin; Translations by Marian...

Norman Manea; Translated by Oana Sânziana Marian

A Memoir

Norman Manea; Translated by Angela Jianu

A Revolutionary's Life

Joshua Rubenstein

Jews and Culture in the Late Russian Empire

James Loeffler

From Collectivization to the Great Terror

Oleg Khlevniuk; Translated by Vadim Staklo; Foreword by...

Rethinking the Stalinist Past in the Soviet Union, 1953-70

Polly Jones

Bolsheviks, Boyars, and the Persistence of Tradition

J. Arch Getty

The Hidden Jews of Warsaw, 1940–1945

Gunnar S. Paulsson