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Norman Manea; Translated by Patrick Camiller

Ranko Marinkovic; Translated by Vlada Stojiljkovic; Edited...

Norman Manea; Translated by Linda Coverdale

An Anthology

Edited by Anne Applebaum

Shostakovich and His Fifteen Quartets

Wendy Lesser

A Literary Life

Lev Loseff; Translated by Jane Ann Miller

Soviet Ideology, Indoctrination, and Terror under Stalin, 1927-1941

David Brandenberger

A Study in the Alchemy of Power

Jan Plamper

The Last European Dictatorship

Andrew Wilson

Western Powers and the Breakup of Yugoslavia

Josip Glaurdic

Witold Gombrowicz; Translated by Bill Johnston

The Hidden Cause of the Great Recession (And How to Avert the Next One)

Grigory Yavlinsky; Translated by Antonina W. Bouis

America on Trial

Moshik Temkin

A Revolutionary's Life

Joshua Rubenstein

The Man Who Gave the Soviets the Atom Bomb

Allen M. Hornblum

Soviet TASS Posters at Home and Abroad, 1941-1945

Edited by Peter Kort Zegers and Douglas W. Druick; With...

Edited by Ronald Radosh, Mary Habeck, and Grigory...

Roy R. Robson