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2 Volumes

Editor in Chief Gershon David Hundert

Moles, Mysteries, and Deadly Games

Tennent H. Bagley

Key Writings by and about Maxim Gorky

Maxim Gorky; Translated, Edited, and Introduced by Donald...

The United Nations in the Age of Modern Genocide

Adam LeBor

The Pleasure and the Power
First Edition

Richard Stites

The Complete Correspondence of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph V. Stalin

Edited, with Commentary, by Susan Butler; Foreword by...

Revolutions and the Making of the Modern World

Martin Malia; Edited and with a Foreword by Terence Emmons...

Art on Stage in the Time of Revolution

Benjamin Harshav; Documents translated by Benjamin and...

A Crime Without Punishment

Edited by Anna M. Cienciala, Natalia S. Lebedeva, and...

The Russian Intelligentsia and the Making of the Soviet Public Sphere

Stuart Finkel

Seeing More Wisely

Gary Saul Morson

Architecture, Ideology, and History in Russia

Konstantin Akinsha and Grigorij Kozlov, with Sylvia...

A Polish Artist’s Mission to Liberate Soviet Ukraine

Timothy Snyder

A History in Documents, 1917-1953

Katerina Clark and Evgeny Dobrenko with Andrei Artizov and...

Hitler and Stalin

John Lukacs

A Study in Political Culture

Richard Pipes

Empire and Ambition in the Life of an Early American Traveler

Edward G. Gray