Social Science

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A Comparative Approach to the Legal Process

Mirjan R. Damaska

Japan, China and the United States

Joseph J. Tobin, David Y.H. Wu, and Dana H. Davidson

Authority in a Good Society
Revised Edition

Robert A. Dahl

A Likeness

and Marijane Osborn; With contributions by Fred C....

Male Homo-Eroticism and Modern Poetry

Gregory Woods

Ideals of Feminine Beauty in Mende Art

Sylvia Ardyn Boone

Toward a Social Psychology of Authority and Responsibility

V. Lee Hamilton and Herbert Kelman

The Formation of an American Institution, 1790-1880

Anne M. Boylan

Sex, Gender, and the Social Order

Cynthia Fuchs Epstein

Gender and the Two World Wars

Margaret R. Higonnet; Edited by Jane Jenson, Sonya Michel...

The University Industrial Complex

Martin Kenney

Reflections on Orality and Literacy from Antiquity to the Present

Eric A. Havelock

William Peters; Foreword by Kenneth B. Clark

Barbara Biber: Foreword by Edward Zigler