Social Science

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Babylonian Inscriptions in the Collection of James B. Nies, Volume X

Marc Van De Mieroop

Barbara Biber: Foreword by Edward Zigler

Maryland During the Nineteenth Century

Barbara Jeanne Fields

The Crisis of Purpose in Afro-American Politics

Adolph L. Reed

The Uncut Version

Edwin H. Sutherland

English Public Schools 1800-1864

John Chandos

Intellectual Roots of Modern Feminism

Rosalind Rosenberg

Edited by Frances Dahlberg

Early Mesopotamian Merchant Accounts

Daniel C. Snell

The Civil Service Examinations of Imperial China

Ichisada Miyazaki; Translated by Conrad Schirokauer

A Woman of the Muslim Hausa

Mary F. Smith

Life in a Breton Village

Pierre-Jakez Hélias; Abridged by June Guicharnaud;...

Samuel I. Feigin; Introduction and Indices by A. Leo...

Social Science and Social Problem Solving

Charles E. Lindblom and David K. Cohen