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Celebrity, Publicity, and Branding in the Social Media Age

Alice E. Marwick

Case Studies of the New Economy

Edited by Juliet B. Schor and Craig J. Thompson

Lawrence M. Friedman

Testimonies of the Jewish Sonderkommando from Auschwitz

Gideon Greif

Eli Ginzberg; With the assistance of Howard Berliner,...

Reducing Inequality in the 21st Century

Joseph R. Blasi, Richard B. Freeman, and Douglas L. Kruse...

Rights, Responsibilities, and the Enfranchisement of the Child

Jeffrey Shulman

Honorable Ambition and Its Critics

Robert Faulkner

Immigration and the Changing Face of Rural America

Philip Martin

A Study of Race and Class in America

Richard L. Zweigenhaft and G. William Domhoff

Restoring the Vital Center to American Democracy

Edited by Norton Garfinkle and Daniel Yankelovich

The Social Lives of Networked Teens

danah boyd

Kirby Deater-Deckard

Scientific Narration and Civic Communication

Richard Harvey Brown

Locating Crop Diversity in the Contemporary World

Stephen B. Brush

Dolls and the Commercialization of American Girlhood, 1830-1930

Miriam Formanek-Brunell

Captive Lives and Western Spectacle

Roslyn Poignant